Xantha and Ulith

- Xantha is quite similar to earth however due to some sort of magical influence their have been a few changes. No one truly understands what happened in the world to cause them. One example of Xantha’s weird features is the unusual difficult for everyone to swim within the water. It is also caused some problems for lifeforms underneath it. No one is really sure to how magic infested the world of Xantha but some claim it to be a blessing from the cosmos whereas others say that it has always existed since the beginning. Xantha however seems to be heavily influenced by spiritual and magical forces, some which cannot be seen.

The main city of Ulith, Deone is a vibrant city with all types of races and cultures. The deity, Vero is worshipped throughout the land and is seen as a generous and kind protector, who blesses and punishes everyone according to their deeds.. She condones acts such as slavery and mindless killing. It is said those who commit heinous crimes are forever followed and engulfed by Vero’s awesome elemental power. Lightning being her most prominent. Lightning Showers is common weather in Ulith and has some benefits alongside its penalty. The gnomes of Deone how found ways of harnessing the lightning showers of Ulith and have turned it into energy. Due to this there has been a great increase it the development and production of rifles in the city and thus it became the city’s main export.

Deone’s Police Force has also taken a liking to Vero’s affinity to lightning and named their group the VLED (Vero’s Light Enforcement Department) which is led by the infamous Zeff Lionheart. Zeff formerly was a hardened War Veteran who fought in the Battle of the Elements which was a civil war between two denominations of the deity Vero, the Flamebringers and Lightbringers. Zeff was in a neutral position who fought for the safety of the people who lied outside the war. He single-handedly took down both leaders of the denominations due to their chaotic nature. Vero was not always a deity of kindness. These two denominations represented the darker sides of Vero and actually thought for superiority over one another. Since then, the elders and Zeff worked together in almost reforming Vero’s persona for the better of the community. Now Zeff works with his police force in turning the city of Deone into a more peaceful place to live, however this task is quite difficult.

Deone and other city’s in Ulith have quite large bustling markets and businesses, however below the surface of this, there is a criminal underworld in which the unlawaful group Toa is in control. This organization has branched far into the land of Ulith and are instigators of the black market, drug trade and robbery’s. Not much else is known about what other crimes this group controls but the VLED is on their case. There are other terrible things in the land of Ulith but some of these groups are still unknown.

4 Regions

Dia Region – Deone, Lepos, Jaio, Creta
Vo Regions – Kanza and Tera
Po Region – Henge, Yokai and Feng
La Region – Bia, Xico, and Cua

There are many different races within this world but it is predominantly populated by tieflings. There are also weirdly two types of humans, the what is said to be normal humans with explainable attributes and the Kaion Humans. The Kaions are humans with absolutely no way of communicating. They cannot have psychic communications either. However it is said the Kaions see the world differently to most races. Kaions are generally not welcomed in most city’s except Deone as it is too large to send people away. This is due to their infamous bad luck. When a Kaion is a around, something bad usually follows. People are not sure why this happens but now to the general community, to be born a Kaion is seen as a curse.

The world has been around for many years now, it was at first inhabitable but after magic became one with the planet, different races began to spur up on its surface. Some say the people on this planet are the reincarnations of souls from the others.

During the first Xanthian period, there was a large scale war between the races due to land-space. The races were not always co-existent. This war sparked up when humans began to transform into tieflings due to the contracts they made with aberrant beings. The tiefling began to spread out wide in search of land for their brethren but as they did this, other races lost bits of their land and fought with others to gain more and thus the battle of races was under-way. The war ended after after 300 years when the deities stepped in. Vero, the former Goddess of Chaos now Light did not approve of the mess the races were making of the planets and stepped in immediately ending the war. Since then, people have talked about the existence of other deities and even said that some are walking the world to this very day.

Since then many locations in the world have had some drastic changes. The area of Selu now never sees sunlight but is always governed by a moon which does not truly exist. other hotspots for this spiritual madness have popped up in the world but the ruins of Orcus is the most dangerous place of all. Most people in the world of Xantha rely of arcane energy more than anything. It is strong within this world due to the minerals that lie beneath the planet. People do not use great-swords but wield lightning imbued full-blades but, these type of weapons are restricted to law enforcements and knights. Normal people with these weapons either earned them or paid a hefty amount of gold for them.

The story takes place in Ulith -

Ulith can be quite a cold place, both physically and mentally. There is one month of sunshine and warmth in a year and this month comes at random times. Daytime is Xantha is quite short. There is usually only around 6 hours of daytime in a day. Due to this, there are quite a lot of light sources around Ulith but when outside the developed areas, for example while travelling, be wary as bandits, cultists and the infamous Toa move in the dark. The area has a lot of forest areas with different types of wildlife depending on which forest you are in. Crystal beasts though rare are most active in Ulith and are worth quite a lot of money due to their sweet taste but more importantly their valuable minerals which, are used for enchanting and acceleration in weapons. These beasts however are quite tough and each one has a signature call which summons for help when confronted with hostility. Regardless many groups of people hunt down these animals and have done so successfully over the past years. This has had a negative impact in the forest and now dangerous animals influenced by the negative emotions exuded from the bullied crystal beast have been created. Normal animals and creatures still do exist within the lands. As usual, some plants are common however rarer and more useful plants are hard to find or guarded for special reasons.

There are different geographical areas, the famous Dia mountain ranges in the north, the Jade lands of the south and the flying lands of the west are all a part of the area alongside many other geographical areas to which some have not been explored or documented.

The Ja Region is said to be the most fertile area for farming and where the most minerals are found. That area is also seen as the safest and most calm area of the continent. The most valuable minerals are Hacil, Keon and Fuorite. These minerals have caused many conflicts between companies, gangs and people as finding a mine of these minerals can lead to many riches and wealth. There is a large river which cuts through most of the continent till it reaches the end of the fast half where there is a small sea which cuts the Ulith continent apart but there is a bridge like land on the far north of the sea and a some streams leading in land. Due to the toxic nature of the ocean, technology has been created with the use of the mineral Hancil to create devices which clean the water and some which allow races to swim slightly in the water.

Civilization in Ulith can be traced back to around 20,00 years ago however there are only small traces of this and further rituals and research are needed to gain the details of the world back then. The oldest event known is the story of Jared and Kayla, who were apparently two evil lovers who had massive amounts of power and the desire to control all things but they were stopped by an unknown force. It is said that people up until 100 years ago worshipped these two but the reason for this were unknown. Vero is said to be the force which stopped them when she was a mortal. Organizations like the Toa have adopted Jared and Kaylas desire and have decided to obtain it. Civilization really began to boom 4000 years ago when gnomes came into the world and immediately helped the other races. The gnomes were incredibly smart and after years of living underground and studying the minerals came to the surface world with vast amounts of knowledge. Without them, Ulith may have still been it is baby stages.

Ulith is quite a closed off continent, getting off it is very difficult due to the dangerous unknown ocean around it. The easiest way off the island is to fly and this is still very dangerous due to an unknown fiery force that despises those who entire their domain, the dragons. Civilization in this world really became more harmonious in the recent years, as technology boomed, people did not see any reason to fight over things any more and decided to trade instead of steal. Also the bloodshed was given light to by the gnomes and the other races began to see the errors of their ways. Tieflings were very creative with their rituals and create a large library to which is ready to be traded with he world. Other races are more skilled with more manual work such as weapon-smithing. The dwarfs are the best smither in the world as of now and have created great designs of weapons with the help of their fellow gnomes.

The most notorious person in the world is said to be Yiltrich Grey who is a corrupted Deva with immense dark-power and is said to reside among some of the deities. He controls the mountainous area of Ulith and is planning something corrupt which the the rest of the area seems to be preparing for. He may be the kingpin of the three large criminal organizations in the area, Jak, The Silver Swords and Hellbringers. The groups are almost untouchables and have many groups underneath them. Zeff leader of the VLED in Deone with his elite group are said to be the only people strong enough to tackle them. The poorer people of Ulith actually hail Yiltrich as he seems to look after them but some say this is only done for an evil cause.

Unfortunately, Eladrin and Elf in Ulith are traditional enemies as the eladrin in the past enslaved the elf, seeing them as inferior to themselves. This is a view which still exists in the world today. Most eladrin are of royal blood and are brought up in a society in which the other races are seen as below them. Dragonborn also despise the Eladrin as in the past, the Eladrin killed dragonborn children due to their relation to the dangerous dragons above. There are a few extreme eladrin who still commit this act and the dragonborn community have not yet forgiven the eladrin for this. The half-elf are very discriminated to in this continent due to the eladrins influence on some communities. The eladrin used to be comrades with humans but as they began to mate with elfs, their views on humans degraded and they cursed and punished the human and elf offspring with an evil passion.
In the forest, Ulithian Squirrels are quite common, some are very friendly however as you dive deeper into the forest they become very territorial. Other animals such as jaguars, bears, boars and other mammals, insects and reptiles live within the forest. The most poisonous of all has to be the Ulithian Viper.

Most citizens make their money, crystal beast hunting but their are various ways of making money in the land of Ulith, you just have to be creative and hard-working about it and, if you are thinking of doing illegal activity, be smart about it.

The most illegal substance but most demanded in Ulith is Yokene which a yellow powder which grants the user immense powers but at a dire cost which varies amd after long-term use, it causes death. Other consequences are that it is very addictive and the effects only last for an hour at least. After a few doses the user feels a surge of energy lock within his or her body but it can lead to mental problems and criminal activity.

In this world, magic is a very powerful source, you can do almost anything with the right knowledge and talent with the arcane arts. Somethings however are said to be impossible for example, raising the dead with magic. Many wizards have attempted this and paid a terrible price and create a consequence for trying. Xerxes the Great, once loved his fair Lady Jean. In a romantic night Jean decided to lower her garments to show off her beautifully carved body to her husband. As she did this a large crystal beast pounced from the bushes running past the two of them but Jean was cut badly by the beast edges and bled to death. Xerxes took her body back to his wizard tower and begun collecting the components of the human body in substance form. After doing so he began to chant some ancient spells and Jeans body began to gain colour again. As he spoke her name, she opened her eyes revealing a amber colour now with a sharp thin pupil. Jean screamed at Xerxes and then proceeded to killing him in one fell swoop. This was all seen by Xerxes apprentice Thana. Jean then screamed the named Orcus and ran into the distance never to be seen again. Reviving can only be done through divine methods, any other way will result in a demonic resurrection which is why it is banned.

Magic is said to have come from a deep source within the planet that cannot yet be reached. Others believe it is from the deities and others believe it has existed with us from the begining. It is quite exhausting to use this power and only the best can truly harness its strength. Using magic very often can sometimes have side-effects. Some who have experienced the side effects have often talked about hallucinations. Wizards in Ulith usually train and study to learn the magic in the planet whereas some invest in a rite of passage or are gifted from birth.

There are only 4 great wizards in Ulith, Hanzel, Rondolf, Daniel and Terio. Terio is said to be the greatest of them all but do not go to him without patience. They gained their titles from various feats such as defeating the skeleton dragon horde, calming the earthquakes caused by the Red Tarrasque and governing the regions of Ulith. They used to be a group, The League of Knowledge but, they have disbanded due to their irreconcilable differences. These wizards are also the only beings able to take magic away and is only done in extreme cases.

Overtime, your magic ability grows as you age but once you hit the old age for your race, you must practice in order to control your power as your body grows weaker. Females in the land of Ulith are the only beings which can use Traios Magic which has the ability to teleport between long distances in the land. During the birthing stage of a female ,their magic energy is wild and powerful and has been known to kill a few husbands here or there.

Some magic users have also discovered the power of combining spells to perform more powerful magic capable of creating much destruction however it is very difficult to to this. Some people practising magic find its power addictive and can even go insane with power, due to this there is a limit of magic use in cities and people are often warned when practising it.

Due to the increase in magic technology from the gnomes, some new devices have become prominent in society for example the Hanz Pot made by the gnome Hanz E Fretzo. This device has made it possible to have long distance communication as long as you have a read of the partners magic signature. There are magic disks which carry ones things behind them, the capacity of the disk determines the price. The transport system is a still a work in process but they are developing mechanical dragon figures in order to battle the evil dragons of the sky lands. Enchanting in this world is quite popular now, the wizards of Ulith practice this art for a living and often take on an apprentice to live on their legacy.

The magical animals that live among the others are harder to track down and take down. There are some evil wizards in the world that commit horrible acts for their research and even the great cities struggles to deal with them. There are an alarming number of kidnappings by these wizards and witches in the cities but it is slowly decreasing as the VLED patrol more.

Some artisans have taken to using magic for more visual means, the great magic painter Jonero, is the only Githzerai to allow the viewer to enter a story within a painting.

Healing also comes under the magical area as it consumes energy to do this. Most people are taught a few healing spells for emergency but there are small camps and centres around.

In Ulith, the women tend to be in higher positions than the men, this may be due to their affinity to Traios Magic which is not fully understood. In Deone, it is custom for the men to serve the women during parties and events. Most food is edible to all races except for spinach which is poisonous to Dwarfs. Sanitation is handled by the Warforged created by the head wizard in each city. There is a trade language within the city which is hard to learn and kept on low levels to stop law enforcement from understanding it. It is often adapting to keep them guessing. There are various guilds in all the cities but wizardry houses are the most common and assassins being the least.

In Deone there are many areas which are actually flooded with Yokene and other drugs but that is only 20% of the city, the rest is a thriving city filled with markets, clubs and other businesses.

The commoners and peasants of the land lack some rights and are not treated equally by the higher community members. This is due to the races such as eladrins which have an high influence in Deone and have changed some of the thoughts about commoners, especially about half elves and elves.

Some-things such as wearing black shoes on the last day of the week are seen as taboo and bad luck. It used to be an old tradition followed by the elven community but now it is frowned upon.

There are over 1.5 million people in this city. It is about 40% tiefling. 30% eladrin and 30% other. The north of the town lies on big hills and has a wall and gate dividing it from the other areas. The rest of the town has various branches of VLED areas, enchanters and other useful shops and living conditions. The outskirts of Deone are where the farmlands reside as the soil is most rich there, The farmers use special but simple magic to assist with agriculture. Fish are quite hard to get so it is regularly trading from Lepos which is close to the river. Getting and living in the city is quite hard as it it beginning to get full, many refugees from further parts of Ulith and even other continents sneak if often. The Vistani caravans are a big immigration problem in Deone. Shadar-Kai from the corrupted city of Creta also caused a lot of trouble as there refugees tend to live in sewers and steal from the local shops.

The biggest and legal organization in the city is Hanz & Co which branches out into many of the businesses in the city and handles the production of new technologies.
There is a high leader in Deone who governs Ulith alongside the other leaders and the council.

Deone’s Leader is called Jennifer Lionheart, daughter of Zeff Lionheart. She is a strong and stern woman with a soft side for children. She leads with council in creating laws and also serves as the Supreme Judge. The leaders are voted by the people but not much is known whether it has been a fair count. Deone’s, signature dish is Swishi but due to the lack of fish, it is very hard to get. The Temples of Vero are where you can get mental help and also where you can be healed using divine magic. The most popular bar is the Storm Cauldron which is famous for their Action Ale.

The assassins guild seems to be causing a lot of trouble lately as each crime boss in the area is always targeted by its underboss as they are all striving the power so there are a lot of random murders and gang wars in the city at times in the struggle for power over the syndicates.

The eladrin also have their own police force that is quite ruthless to the poor. They often push out the less fortunate in areas which are seen as, high class areas. The under-city in the swears is led mostly by Shadar- Kai but is a welcoming place for those who may be oppressed above the land.

Key characters such as Crash, leader of the Black Hoods often steal from the rich to give to the less fortunate. The opposite of this character is probably his distant cousin Clap who sells drugs from a organization to the poor and uses the money to fund private armies for the rich.

There are some good and bad qualities about the world but your contribution to Ulith will change it forever so, try hard to survive in the first area of Xantha.

Xantha and Ulith

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