Seji The Bear Protector Spirit

Seji was an old founding brother of the Kuma Tribe. After he passed away, the spirit form of Seji joined the community of Kuma Spirits. One of the spirits was jealous of his wisdom and martial prowess and sealed him inside a bear.

Many years later, as Ted Kuma was foraging for berries for his mentor Naomi, he ran into a wild bear which attacked him. It was a very long fight and Ted was being hunted by the bear but Ted finally managed to clam the bear down, which freed Seji from his chains of hate and revenge. After being freed, he joined with Ted as his protector spirit.

He is quite masculine and a very curious character. He also used to be a very promiscuous person. He is laid-back, charming and a good sense of humour.

He has a cloak and staff.

Seji The Bear Protector Spirit

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