Sucor's Generosity

Second Session

Demoses and Ted, had left to look Jinrei, at the temple of Fukaze. As they left, they came across their friend Dwayne who was being “seduced” by an attractive girl. Ted percieved this as a threat and scared off the womenand recieved thanks from Dwayne , then proceded into the forest with Dmoses.

As they were walking they came across a group, Ted sneak around to analyse them but Demoses made a lot of noise and were spotted. The goblin toa gang member tried to rob Demoses but they weren’t having it. They initated in combat and the two Kuma memebers took down the gang members and looted them.

Jinrei took Aang towards the temple however, he took him in the wrong direction. After a few wrong walks. They came across some panthers and Jinrei took off but Aang stayed to fight. He was helped by Cassie a dark moon coven witch. However h was knocked out after taken down two of the panthers.



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