Sucor's Generosity

Fifth Session

Ted travelled to the city, and he offered a guard some weed to help with his stress. The guard turned him down but Ted, persisted. Ted was arrested and taken to the VLED prison where he saw his friend Jedrik. Later it was known that Ted purposely was arrested. While in prison he came across a women known as Ravah who gave him some information that was much needed. He then began to head to the under prison to meet a young shadar kai.

Jasmine and opened the door and discussed the rite of passage. Aang after a long conversation convinced her to join them. They then argued about who was stronger which led to a fight. Aang almost lost but with some luck he prevailed.

A few hours later, Demosis had finished hunting then, he was approached by some members of the gang due to Ted’s snooping. They fought and with the help of Dwayne he defeated them and started to drag the knock out illusionist to camp.



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