Sucor's Generosity

Demosis and Ted

Mother – Tamara Kuma
Father – Jozu Kuma

Jozu was a very skilled weaponsmith who was captured by slavers and taken to a slave camp nearby Creta. A group of liberators led by Tamara came to rescue them but they were captured. The people escaped asked the Kuma to help them and they both assaulted the slaves camp and rescued the slaves. They captured the slaves so they could hunt crystal beast for them. The leader of the kuma clan in that area thought Tamara and Jozu were good warriors and enlisted them tot he ranks fo the Kuma and the both of them fell in love over time.

Tamara had two children from Jozu; Demoses and Ted but Demoses died within the womb of his mother but the Raven Queen thought the death of the unborn child was wrong and brought him back with the power but as a revenant. Ted was born as Jozu, being a dwarf wanted children quickly. Before the year had passed she gave birth to Ted. Ted always felt something strange about Demoses.

Demoses and Ted lived within the Kuma tribe with his friends, Ezuna, Tope and Dwayne. The slaver group that captured their parents hired the Toa to assault the Kuma. They also had a dark aim, to steal the children so the Kuma will give in to their demands. Both Demoses, Ted and their new friend Aang were captured and put in a cell together for a few weeks befor being rescued by Demoeses and Teds parents and the rest of the Kuma alongside the monks of the Temple of Fukaze.

Since then, Ted has been assisting the shaman Onai and aspiring to become a protector of the forest but he wants to explore the world before that. Demoses, has joined the main ranks for combat led by the leader of the Kuma, Jinrei and train to protect the village from natural and unnatural forces. He also visits the temple from time to time alongside Ted to see their brethren Aang.



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