Sucor's Generosity

Third Session

We started off within Aang dream, where he saw his parents die but the light at the end being Jasmine. He wakes up in a cave with a demontologist named Alan, after being treated by him he was told to leave but before leaving, Cassie told him to stay as he was not fully healed and led him to her room to rest up.

While in her room, he collapses again and wehen he awakens, Casie begins to insult the temple. In anger, Aang dappies her with divine energy. Her dad walked in angrily but did not punish him. He gave him more liquid and after a conversation between the two we come to Demosis and Ted.

Demosis and Ted, were interrogating the last living member of the gang members they took down. They had a hard time investigating him but Demosis then intimidating the information out of him and hunted down the rest of the members. After this they went down the bloody trail and came across a guy standing guard. The two of them, decided to approach the guy. They intimidating him and so he ran and they gave chae. After taking him down they interrogated him and got some information from him. They then went down the same direction and Demosis and Ted heard a group of gang members and from listening to them then gained information on the drug smuggle which is going down in Deone City.

Alan then sent out Cassi and Aang to gather some herbs for him as payment. Then both went out looking for the berries and they came across a deer that eats them. They followed the deer but it heard them and ran. They followed it and found the berries behind a statue. When picking it, and old sage came an attacked him but Alan managed ot save him and told him to run with Cassi which Aang as reluctant to do.

Demosis and Ted, went tot he temple and informed Orion about the plot to flood drugs into the city. Orion said he would look into it and told them to rest. He gave them some tea that helped them recover.

Outside the temple, some Toa gang members battled with Aang and Cassi. After a musket fired, Demosis and Ted ran out and assisted them and defeated the group. Aang konked out after the fight and Demosis and Ted had a conversation with Jinrei and Orion about their rite of passage and investigating the drug plot in the city.



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