Sucor's Generosity

First Session

Started off with Ted and Onai in one of the forest clearing. Some Ulithian squirrels came around him in an very angry state and he calmed them down with his rations. His mentor got upset because he messed up the test and so she made him close his eyes. Ted thought she has some sexual desires but he was wrong. Onai sent one of the dquirrels to attack him but Ted managed to calm it down again. Infuriated by this, Onai chased him and beat him up in bear form, as this happened, Cassie a forest dweller came to mess around with the both of them.

While heading back to the camp, Demoses was going through his intense training with his friend Ezuna. They jumped a pit but fell halfway into a Den with spiders. Demoses helped her out of the tent eventually and had to get patched up by Edolth.

Aang went to look for his friend Jasmine in a hurry. He was stopped by Orion who was telling him about how he would taker his rite of passage early. He found Jasmine and went to explore. They stumbled across a squirrel to which Aang attacked. After a long hard battle, he killed he beast and got in trouble with the Kuma Tribe.

While Ted and Onai were spooking some “medicinal” herbs, Demoses was getting touched up by Edolth and Aang was thrown into the tent for punishment. After being beaten by Edolth Aang went into a fit of rage and punch his lights out. He then proceeded to run, but was stopped and dragged back to the temple by Jinrei. Ted and Demoses witnessed this and they were told by Onai that they need to speak to him about the rite of passage.



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