The World of Xantha is large spherical planet. There are 4 main continents and Ulith is the largest continent a contains vast lands with different geographical locations. Guen is to the north of Ulith and Vael and Ja are both to the far west of Ulith. The seas of Ulith are royal purple and much harder to swim in. Outside this continent things tend to be much calmer but a mystery. No one really know what goes on in the other continents of Xantha. Undersea life is almost non-existent but some lifeforms, dangerous and mindless lifeforms can exist within it. The Jade forests are a restricted zone in the world as far to many have walked in there and never come out. Ulith may seem to be quite developed still has many dark and evil aspects to its lands. You must be tough to survive in the world of Xantha. You players will begin your story in the continent of Ulith within the Dia Region.

Sucor's Generosity

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