Aang of Fukaze



Childish Tendencies

Tanned Skin
Green Eyes
Very short dark brown hair, markings/tattoos seen underneath it – dark blue
Fairly Short
Broad Shoulders, slim waistline


Aang, was born Deone City with his two parents, Martha and Kane. Both of them owned a local general store selling local wares gained from expeditions around the city and dealing with farmers. They did not do to well in the market but got by due to their community appreciating the personal touch on their goods. As a child, Aang found the city to become a massive playground but at times tend to play near the outskirts with sticks. As he did this he caught sights of the Kuma Tribe training in the fields, doing their famous routines and drills.

Aang’s closest childhood friend at the time was and Eladrin, Michael a noble child with a charismatic smile. Michael had no fighting ability. Sometimes the duo sneaked out of the city and ran around in the forest, which led to a few encounters with the beast there but the monks from the temple of Fukaze were always around to help the weak.

The two of them often fought with sticks however, Michael always found himself losing due to his lack of talent and skill when fighting. Michaels brother, Gabriel often kept watch of the two as they thought. He was a holy but brawny man and decided to teach them a few skills which helped build up their endurance. Aang only managed to learn one power during this period but he kept it with him ever since.

A few years passed and some chaos ensued in the area due to the Kuma tribes struggle with a group of slavers. The slavers assaulted a part of the city and the children of the tribesmen. They kidnapped many children to use for crystal beast hunting and to exact revenge on the Kuma.

Aang was caught up in the chaos and in an effort to defend him, both of Aang’s parents were stab profusely and killed. The Toa, who were for the slavers took Aang and locked him up with two other kids. They shortly got too know each other and over the few weeks of capture, Aang grew close to Ted, his captured comrade. The other child however and Aang did not interact as much. After a few weeks the Kuma and the Temple of Fukaze led a strong assault of the Toa prison and rescued the kids captured.

The Kuma were not sure what to do with Aang as he did not seem to fit with the other unruly members of the clan, so Orion of the Fukaze took Aang and let him join the temple. Aang looked to Ted for guidance. Ted did not like the idea of Aang leaving but the Kuma elders thought it was for the best and Orion took Aang into the safety of the temple.

At the temple, you met your close friend Jasmine. No one at first said hello to Aang but due to her polite nature she introduced herself and the two began to hang out together. Jasmine was very open about her bisexual nature. Through Jasmine, Aang met a lot of the temples children, one being Tope the Genasi monk who is seen as a child prodigy and fuelled Aang determination to defeat her in battle.

Aang now,wants to travel around the world and gain fame just like the legendary veteran Zeff in Deone city. He wants to be the absolute best, the strongest fighter the world has ever seen but he must first pass the rite of passage to begin his journey to adulthood.

Aang of Fukaze

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